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Central MS Crime Lab

Central Mississippi

The Mississippi Crime Laboratory operates as a division of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to provide a full range of evidentiary laboratory services in support of law enforcement agencies across the State. Due to the age, lack of space, physical constraints and structural limitations of the previous Crime Laboratory, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety requested that the new Crime Laboratory be designed as a flexible, secure, technologically advanced science facility in which state of the art forensic and scientific examination of evidence can be conducted.

Laboratory services provided by the Mississippi Crime Laboratory services are divided into three Divisions. The State Medical Examiner’s Office, Morgue and Autopsy Suite are also located in the Mississippi Crime Laboratory:
Impression Evidence Division: Bio-Science/DNA Division:
Latent Prints Section Conventional
Fire Arms & Toolmarks Section DNA Testing
Technical Assistance Section Offender DNA Database (CODIS)
Questioned Documents Section
Analytical Division: State Medical Examiner’s Office:
Toxicology Section Serology/Morgue
Controlled Substance Identification Section Autopsy
Trace Evidence Section
Implied Consent Section

The building was oriented on the site to accommodate the Using Agency’s request for natural daylighting throughout the building, including bench areas of the laboratories. Common areas are provided to promote interaction among the staff without compromising laboratory security for the chain of custody integrity during evidence processing. Due to the increasing reliance on scientific methodologies in evidence processing and criminal investigations, the laboratories were designed to allow for reconfiguration and adaptation for new processes and equipment as they develop. The facility design meets the unique characteristics of a forensic laboratory and ensures that the operational and technical procedures comply with established standards.
The new Crime Laboratory was designed and constructed in compliance with the American Society of Crime Lab Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board standards.