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Better Together

Better Together: Eley Guild Hardy Architects merged with Barlow Eddy Jenkins, PA

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Chapel of the Cross

Madison, MS

Acknowledging a very rapid growth and increasing difficulty in providing its members with adequate space for Sunday school and other Christian education needs, the Vestry of the Chapel of the Cross charged the Building Committee with the task of developing plans for a new Education Building to provide classroom space. Realizing that Parish growth is likely to continue at a fast pace into the future, the Building Committee resolved that prior to the design of the Education Building, the Chapel should prepare a Master Plan for the coordinated development of the entire Chapel property. The firm of Barlow • Eddy • Jenkins, P.A. was selected to provide both Master Planning services and Architectural Design for the new Classroom and Library/Choir Building. The primary goal of the plan for the Chapel is to provide an accommodating relationship between structures while retaining and enhancing the qualities that make the Chapel grounds distinctive and memorable.

Date of Completion: 2014