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Federal Government Research Laboratory Modernization

After completion of work in 2015, our client for this project, the U.S. Government, has requested that we not disclose the location of this facility, the building name, or the Federal Agency that occupies it. The scope of work required comprehensive A/E services for the complete renovation of this 95,415 square foot, 5 stories, main research laboratory building. The design accommodates the current research program and the ten-year research program as identified and monitored by the Agency. This was an extremely complex renovation with a total construction cost of approximately $40 million. Active research programs required that 4 floors of the building be kept fully operational without interruption of research activities throughout construction. The entire exterior building envelope (brick, stone, and windows) were removed and replaced. The interior spaced were demolished and removed down to the concrete structural frame and floor slabs. As a result of extensive planning and inter-disciplinary coordination, the existing HVAC, Fume Hood, Electrical Data, Security, and Specialty Lab Gas and Power Systems were removed and replaced with minimal downtime and interruption. The very successful outcome of the work is a more dynamic and collaborative research environment, improved efficiencies of operation and with the increased daylight, a brighter, more user-friendly environment.

Size: 95,415 square foot