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Better Together

Better Together: Eley Guild Hardy Architects merged with Barlow Eddy Jenkins, PA

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Harrison County Justice Court

Biloxi & Gulfport, Mississippi

The Biloxi Justice Court is located next door to the Harrison County 2nd Judicial Courthouse in Biloxi, MS, was designed with the downtown fabric as the focus.

The Gulfport Justice Court is located across from the Main Harrison County Court Building in Downtown Gulfport. This new court facility is an urban renewal project and is a two-story building that houses trial and arraignment courts as well as the Civil and Criminal Clerks Offices for Harrison County. The building’s design pulls cues from the civic character of some of the more traditional buildings in the area and compliments the aesthetics and scale of the neighboring buildings though its proportions, street presence and materials.

Size: Biloxi : 7,000 SF
Gulfport : 15,441 SF
Date of Completion: 2011