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Better Together: Eley Guild Hardy Architects merged with Barlow Eddy Jenkins, PA

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Keith Press Building

Hinds County, Mississippi

This ±3,500 square foot registered historic building, known as the Keith Press, was built in two stages. The original structure was built in the 1840’s as the Hinds County Chancery Court. Expanded by doubling the size in the 1920’s a range of different uses were housed in the building, accompanied by seriously detrimental modifications. At the time of the renovation, the original interior finishes and details were totally destroyed, the exterior suffered water penetration, deteriorated masonry, and the recent undercutting of a 25-foot length of wall footing on one side, which jeopardized the structural integrity of the building. Having used profile combs for accuracy of detail, the exterior stone and doors were replaced with natural limestone and same species wood replacements. The insulating glass was incorporated in the doors and windows for energy efficiency. The brick mortar was repaired in places with lime mortar to match the original in color and texture.

Size: 3,500 Square Feet
Renovation & Restoration