Our Work / University of Mississippi Medical Center

School of Pharmacy

Jackson, Mississippi

Consolidation into a single structure will allow more efficient communication, interaction and create a distinctive new image for the program. The desire for natural light resulted in the basic L-shape footprint of two narrow wings with double located corridors. A future north-south oriented wing can be accommodated for expansion and will create a courtyard space for the site. The first floor houses office spaces for Administration, Education and Experimental with shared common, file and support spaces. The second floor is built out with Faculty Offices and laboratories. The first floor contains Problem Based Learning (PBL) classrooms, Student Offices and an indoor / outdoor Student Lounge. Faculty Offices, Resident Offices and the balance of PBL classrooms are located on the second floor. A 174-seat tiered Auditorium / Classroom is inserted into the east side of north south wing. At the intersection, a Student Lounge serves as break-out space for the Auditorium.

Size: 29,692 SF
EducationalUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center